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Slyce Keeps Users Interested In Online Shopping With Visual Search Tools

Solutions From Visual Search Industry For Better Recommendations

It is surprising to see the number of consumers that use online shopping these days are quite concerned about the types of recommendations that come up on their screens. According to an article from Live Mint, in an actual account from a regular online shopping consumer, we see how important these computer generated online shopping recommendations can be to keep a consumer interested in the online shopping experience.

Anupama Pasumarthy is the woman who gave the actual account in the Live Mint article. She fits the demographic that retailers from the fashion and lifestyle industries are looking for to keep their businesses growing and maintaining a high profit margin. The consumer is a woman who is 22 years old, and she is a college graduate. She enjoys finding clothing and shoes when she shops online. However, she has some trouble finding the right sizes, so she started leaving the online shopping experience behind in search of products from actual stores. She was also very upset about the recommendations that were coming her way via the online shops she was visiting. She claimed that the stuff that the online shops were recommending was not similar to what she would normally buy. This experience is typical of many consumers in her demographic.

In order to keep people interested in online shopping, something had to be done. This is, perhaps, the best thing that visual search companies have added to the online shopping experience. Companies, like Slyce, have certainly made the user experience easier than ever, and it seems to be more enjoyable. The user logs on to Slyce via an application, and the user never really needs to worry about keyword searches. They have the option to search for keywords, but the bulk of users who use Slyce are using it to search via image recognition.

Slyce also offers up a steady stream of reliable recommendations to users. Slyce has a feature that is specifically designed to pick up on user interests. This feature is called Slyce Link. They have AI technology working in tandem with customer care workers to provide the most accurate and on point recommendations for consumers who are looking to purchase any product that they can find in their environment or on print in front of them.