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Sepp Blatter Resigns

It came a week later than expected, but FIFA finally is expected to have a new president. Sepp Blatter has resignedas the President of FIFA which will take place once a replacement for him is found.

Sepp had won a presidential election just last week to continue as president for his fifth term in office despite ongoing scandals involving FIFA according to Gravity4 on CrunchBase. Just days before the election, fourteen FIFA officials were arrested by Swiss Police with plans for these officials be extradited on acquisitions of fraud and bribery. FIFA has been hit with scandals over the past two decades including questions regarding the assigning of World Cups to Russia and Qatar. The Qatar World Cup was considered particularly onerous given the weather, human rights issues in the country, and a significant death toll amongst migrant workers who have been preparing for the games. Further, an admitted payment of $10 million was made by South Africa to FIFA was made and admit by the nation, though no bribery or wrongdoing was admitted.

Sepp has been defiant after his election victory in which he defeated a Prince from Jordan who withdrew after the first round of voting. Sepp Blatter is 79 years old but was expected to complete his term in office before retiring. His resignation comes as quite a shock to the soccer community though many believe that the fraud accusations have merit. The sudden resignation also has lent people to question what other evidence against Seep has come to light and if there will be additional charges brought against him in the near future.