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The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

Ever since he was young, Sergio Cortes has been admiring Michael Jackson. When he was just a child he tried to imitate the man in his dance moves, and he had a lot of fun with that. Now that he is all grown up, Sergio Cortes is a real impersonator of the man. He has the look and the moves down well, and he does all that he can to be just like the man. When people see him and how he is impersonating Michael Jackson they are impressed. Some have called him the best impersonator of Michael Jackson because of how good he is at making himself be the man.

Sergio Cortes should feel proud of himself for doing all of the work that was needed to make himself like the man. He should feel good about the things that he did to get his look down just right, and the long hours that he spent perfecting his dance moves because of the way that things are doing for him now. He is now being called the best Michael Jackson impersonator ever, and he can feel great about that.
The job that Sergio Cortes has is something unique, and he likes that. He enjoyed impersonating the great singer and doing all of the things that the man had done. He is happy with the look that he has put on, and he is happy with the way that he moves and acts like the singer. And he is glad to share all of that with the world around him. He never wants anyone to forget Michael Jackson and all of the great things that the singer did, and he feels that it is a great honor to be able to impersonate him like he does.
From the time that Sergio Cortes was a child he admired Michael Jackson, and now he has a deeper respect for the man than ever, as he tries to do all of the things that the man had done. Michael Jackson was very talented, and Sergio Cortes can see that better than anyone as he tries to do him justice.

Sergio Cortes Still World’s Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes is one of the best in the business. Since the King of Pop died in 2009, there has been a slew of wannabe’s popping out of the woodwork. Most of the individuals who attempt to duplicate Jackson’s moves, singing style and charisma fail miserably. But with Cortes, he has everything almost down pat. The Brazilian-born impersonator has always been a huge Jackson fan. What better way to make a buck than doing something you love?

Cortes started mimicking Jackson’s moves many years ago when he was still a part of the Jackson 5. While watching the group on Soul Train and American Band Stand, he would practice over and over again until he got the moves down. Cortes started in the 1980s as a Michael Jackson impersonator. He made a good deal of money working birthday parties, weddings and even corporate functions. He always received positive reviews for his performance. He even got the opportunity to meet Jackson a few years before he died.

The price of emulating Michael Jackson isn’t cheap, according to Cortes. He has spent thousands of dollars on clothing, hair extensions, makeup and even plastic surgery. Cortes even went as far as getting Jackson’s cleft chin. “I have made a lot of money impersonating Michael Jackson, but it takes a lot for the upkeep,” says Cortes. There are only a few other Jackson impersonators on par with Cortes. He has developed quite a following of fans on Facebook. “I like being able to talk to fans.” Sergio Cortes says sometimes fans almost forget that Jackson is dead and he is just an imitation.

Cortes says he will continue to impersonate Jackson as long as people want him to. “As long as I can pleased the crowd and stay on top of my game, I will do it,” says Cortes. For right now, he is booked up to the hilt. He is on the cusp of a worldwide tour through the U.S. in Spring of 2016. Cortes says if all goes well, he will embark on another tour throughout Europe in the summer.