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Marc Spark’s Spark Tank

Marc Sparks has learned a lot about business during his many years buying and selling companies for a profit. Now he wants to use that knowledge to help others.

To this end he started a show called Spark Tank on which he consults with people who want to start a business. If he thinks the business they want to start shows business, he will help pay to get it started.

Sparks is highly respected throughout the business industry for being a genius both with finances and with personal interaction. The show has already been immensely effective with Marc helping a lot of promising businesses become reality.

Marc is extremely careful with each of the small businesses he decides to help. He knows full well that small businesses encounter a lot more problems than big businesses. That is why he will personally walk them up the ladder until they are in good stead. He knows full well that the small company’s most important tool is technology.

Although he is helping businesses via his show, he is profiting by it and doing so enormously. For each company he helps, he gets ownership of a percentage of each company. Read more:  @msparks5010 and Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital

And since most of the many companies’ he has helped have become successful, he has acquired a lot of wealth from the show.

This is not the first time that Marc Sparks has combined charity with entrepreneurship. Several years he and Lynne Spiora turned a dying homeless shelter into a multimillion dollar institution that feeds 200 people a day and makes money at the same time.

This same project, which was called Samaritan Inn, also involved building a large transitional living apartment complex for these homeless people.

This same successful partnership would also spawn the Spark Tank. Today you would never guess that Marc Sparks came from very humble means.

In addition, he was not particularly noteworthy. In other words, he did not really stand out. He was raised in Austin, Texas, where he never particularly did well at school. No one expected him to do that well in the business world.

But he did almost immediately just out of high school. In 2014, he shared much of what he has learned about business in his book “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success.” Marc’s professional relationship with Spiora remains strong. The partners foresee a future of strong growth together.

They consider Spark Tank one of the best charity’s they have ever done.

But Spark Tank is not an easy charity that just anyone can do. They do expect the applying business people to know their stuff. The applicant or applicants must make a ten-minute presentation and be able to state a future plan of success.

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