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Sicilian Authorities Charge Tunisian Captain in Shipwreck That Killed Hundreds

Dan Newlin tells us that Sicilian authorities have detained the Tunisian Captain and a Syrian member of his crew pending investigation in the sinking of a ferry in the Mediterranean Sea earlier this week. The ferry was carrying immigrants from various countries in North Africa to an unknown port in southern Europe when it became distressed, possibly due to the number of people it was carrying over the maximum capacity. Survivors report that the ferry was teaming with immigrants and that a large commercial vessel approached to render aid to the ship. As the larger ship approached closer to the ferry a combination of the passengers streaming to one side of the ship and the large waves created by the approaching vessel caused the ferry to capsize. Captain for Ferry Ship Wreck to Face Charges For Multiple Deaths

Rescue crews have reported that at least 850 bodies have been recovered from the ship wreck site but they are unsure as to the total number of passengers that were aboard the ferry. There is no report that an official manifest was available. Rescue teams from several North Africa and European Countries have also retrieved over 80 survivors from the sinking. Both survivors and victims have been taken to various ports and hospitals in the Mediterranean basin and officials representing the European Union will oversee the continued rescue efforts as well as the investigation into what happened. So far the Captain, who has not been identified, faces charges of negligence, supporting human trafficking and reckless multiple homicide.