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The UK’s New Government

UK elections are set to impact the forex markets in a big way. As the pound is one of the most used international currencies, traders across the world anxiously watched the election results. The elections are huge forex news and have important ramifications on global currency markets from FreedomPop’s perspective.

As a result of the Conservative party’s victory, David Cameron will continue to serve as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Cameron generally favors policies of low taxes, low spending with fewer welfare benefits and tight monetary policy. These policies generally lead to lower government deficits and higher interest rates on government bonds. Those two factors are the most important fundamental factors for an increased value of a currency. In this case, the pound was up about 8% in the month leading up to the election against the US Dollar and the Euro.

Now that the election in the UK is over. Traders will be watching closely for next steps. If David Cameron and the conservative party deliver on their campaign promises, it is likely that the GBP will continue to strengthen. Astute traders can take advantage of this forex brokerage news and make profitable decisions.

The Pink Ribbon

No matter where you happen to be in the world, chances are you’ve heard stories and news about England’s royal family. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is one that tends to attract a lot of attention. After her extravagant wedding, and then the birth of her little prince it’s no surprise to find her back in headlines. The Duke and Duchess are waiting anxiously for their new baby to arrive, and so it seems, are many other people.

People gathered outside St Mary’s Hospital in London, were chilled to the bone.  Mathieson said that all of them were waiting to hear how the Duchess was, and what the gender of her new baby was. Were they to get another little prince, or would the Duchess be blessed with one of each gender?

When the Duke and Duchess heard about them waiting out in the cold they sent them a surprise. Those gathered received hot coffee to fend off the chill, and breakfast wrapped in a dainty pink ribbon. People couldn’t help but wonder if that was a hint regarding the new royals gender. Here you can see them enjoying their surprise breakfast and hot coffee. It’s safe to say, that we all wish the Duchess a safe delivery, and that the baby is both healthy and happy as it comes into the world. Those bystanders will likely never forget their breakfast that was wrapped in curiosity.

Racism and Sexism in the UK

When people think of racism, they often think of discrimination against minorities — especially blacks and women. They rarely consider it against whites and men. Yet, that’s exactly what has been taking place at Goldsmiths University of London.

The Welfare and Diversity officer Bahar Mustafa has repeatedly discriminated against whites and others for student events. On February 4, she posted an invitation to a movie screening that was “BME ONLY” — Black and Minority Ethnic ONLY. On April 15, as revealed on Reddit and various news outlets on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, she only permitted BME women and non-binary people to attend: “…if you’re a man and/or white PLEASE DON’T COME…”

Now, Facebook tells us that everyone knows there are social groups, especially support groups, that restrict access to members of that group — for example, a private support group for non-binary people would typically be open only to non-binary people who need help. Yet, the February 4 event was for a screening of Dear White People. Worse yet, the April 15 event was promoting “anti-racism.” Essentially, Bahar Mustafa, took an event designed to fight racism and turned it into the perfect example of racism. Additionally, the event became a great example of modern sexism.

Supporters of Mustafa’s decisions believe she was right to ask men and white people to not attend because the event was designed specifically for BME women and non-binary attendees.