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Rodriguez Arrested For Protestors Actions

Chief security guard for the President of the National Assembly has been detained by the police over accusations from a group of protestors that the human being in question, Angel Coromoto Rodriguez paid the group of protestors to incite a riot against the authorities during a recent unauthorized protest.

Mr. Rodriguez according to Corporation Wiki profiles, has a history as a bodyguard for former President Carlos Andres Perez and was likewise a member of the infamous police group Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services (DISIP). The DISIP was responsible for political police enforcement in the seventies.

Given Mr. Rodriguez’s past history and the students’ accusations it would be easy to arrive to the conclusions that he did indeed pay the students to incite a riot. President Maduro’s Head of State has said that Mr. Rodriguez will be sentenced to the full extent of the crime and sent to maximum security prison.

Mr. Rodriguez a colleague of Ms. Luque is being detained, but has yet to make a formal statement regarding the incident or his involvement in the incident. His employer, President Perez, denies Mr. Rodriguez’s involvement in any wrongdoing.