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Nutrimost Suing Over Pirated Video

One of the most popular new diet plans in the industry, Nutrimost, is suing a rival company over what they say stolen intellectual property. They are accusing Healthy Living, a Pennsylvania-based health and weight loss company of stealing a promotional video off of their website and using it for their own gain on their site. Neither company has commented publicly on the matter so far as it is still in court.

It stands to reasons why someone would want to steal from Nutrimost. The diet plan has been one of the fastest growing diet plans in the United States ever since it was debuted. This is because of the great results that it has had for many of its users. Some people have reportedly lost 30 lbs or more in just their 30 days. These are great results that you don’t see with a lot of plans.

Another reason, outside of the proven results, that people are attracted to the plan is the method in which it is administered. This weight loss plan uses the NRF (Nutrimost Resonant Frequency) to help with weight loss. It doesn’t use any sort of medication or impossible to follow diet plans.

The video that is posted on the Healthy Living site is very similar to that of the Nutrimost video. The only main difference is that the new video seemed to have altered the main slogan. Other than that, everything is about the same.

They have taken the matter to court after Healthy Living ignored the cease and desist order that Nutrimost sent last fall. Nutrimost is suing for $300,000 for damages to their reputation. They are also asking for a court order to prevent them from using the video or any video similar to the original again on their website. Neither side has yet to comment.