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Wilshere Apologizes for Banter

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere was yet again caught in a spotlight which did not shine favorably on the young Englishman. During the team’s FA Cup victory celebrations, Wilshere, when handed the microphone, commenced an anti-Tottenham chant which relied up the crowd even further. Wilshere has since apologized for his behavior, remarking on the use of obscene or offensive language which may have offended people in the crowd, or Tottenham fans elsewhere. Though not the first time Wilshere has found himself in a similar situation, this time, he handled things maturely and quickly, not allowing the situation to boil over into a bigger mess than it ever needed to be.

The fact that Tottenham fans or ex-Gunners found Wilshere’s exploits to be offensive is a bit ridiculous given the nature of the rivalry between the two clubs. Fans on either side of the London divide regularly poke fun at one another both in and outside of stadiums, and Wilshere’s comments, though perhaps a bit unprofessional for a footballer, were completely within the realms of normal banter. Sam Tabar believes that perhaps a scene has been made about his comments given his propensity for mischief, but this event as a standalone offense is extremely tame in nature. It is understood that Arsenal have talked to Wilshere about his conduct, and the player has already publicly apologized for any offenses given. No more really needs to be said regarding the matter.