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Doe Deere, Unapologetically Showing Girls How to Express Oneself with Vibrant Colors

Poppy Angeloff was established the moment Doe Deere found some of her family heirlooms and immediately fell in love with them. From there she started researching about how to begin a company that sells classy, yet vintage-inspired jewelry. Deere’s sister came in handy as far as showing her that the idea could grow into something more – a firm! At the time, she was deeply engaged in the makeup business where she was running Lime Crime Cosmetics.

A vegan and cruelty-free brand of cosmetics, Lime Crime Cosmetics, enjoys a global consumer loyalty. In the initial phase of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere used to operate the business from the apartment she lived with her husband, Mark Dumbleton in Brooklyn. Besides being in a New York-based rock band together with her husband, Deere also operated a fashion line. She would reconstruct or sew clothes and then sell on eBay under the brand name Lime Crime.

Since she didn’t have enough funding, it was hard to afford real models. She was forced to model her stuff, and before long, she gained popularity for her makeup looks. Her choice of colors is hard to find, if not impossible. When she realized that her audience loved the colors, she felt that perhaps she wasn’t the only one who has a fascination with colors and that many girls out there would like to experiment. Over time, she has proved that it is okay to express oneself using colors. Doe Deere and her husband operated Lime Crime Cosmetics for ten years and then sold it.

A few lessons from Doe Deere;

The number one driving force for any entrepreneur must be passion for whatever he or she is doing.

A good entrepreneur must use the products he or she is selling.

Never shy away from taking risks.

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder of Poppy Angeloff,a jewelry firm that targets the modern Victorian girl. Doe is driven by the desire to show young girls how to live via creative thinking and vibrant colors, and she has no apologies to make for it. Her experience as an entrepreneur has given her opportunities to design and produce products capable of enhancing a woman’s internal and external beauty. In an article published in Forbes, Deere says that she likes to see Poppy Angeloff as her next step of evolution as an artist as well as an entrepreneur.

The Russian born entrepreneur relocated to New York at the age of 17. She would, later on, move to LA, California with her husband. She runs a blog known as Doe Deere Blogazine where she writes about fashion and life.

Wonder Woman

Sometimes we learn about people in this world who are manifesting in the best possible way, and are doing so much good, you know their legacy will be that of philanthropy and goodwill. It is so nice to find out that someone who has truly “made it” is, in fact, giving others a hand-up as well. Malini Saba, the Chairman of Saban, which is a company with varied financial interests around the globe, is just this type of person. Most anything you read about Ms. Saba may first speak of her many successes in business, yet shortly thereafter there will undoubtedly be information about her undying altruism, and how she is indeed helping others, and not just helping herself.

The word generosity is not spoken of very often, or at least in the true sense it is not. In fact, it has become the linchpin of a lot of sarcastic vernacular! Some people make it a point to give all they have, and when they feel they have nothing to give, they try to be of service to others. Born in Malaysia, and being raised in Australia, Ms. Saba left down-under and headed to the United States with just $200 and a dream, perhaps wealthy by some immigrants standards! That said, she and her boyfriend rented a tiny apartment off the Stanford campus while they pursued their education.

Generosity would be the hallmark of Malini Saba‘s first venture, “Stree,” which provides access for women to healthcare as well as serving to make them legally empowered by giving access to litigious services. Malini Saba, who initially did start out by working in venture capital (VC) in Silicon Valley, found it difficult to get into a VC group and promote her own ideas. With no options available to join a VC group, she did what any smart woman would: Malini founded her own VC firm called “Saban.”

Several successful years later, Ms. Saba’s daily routine begins at 5 A.M., when she takes calls with some of her commodity interests in China, and then shortly thereafter walks her daughter to school! She also makes time to pick her daughter up every day, as she does not believe in relegating the responsibilities of parenthood to hired unknowns. This very busy is able to juggle all of this successfully largely because she has one method for making the right moves: she bucks trends! She looks at what is going on, and she does the opposite. This appears to have served her well, and will likely to continue to do so because all markets run in cycles, so by going in the opposite direction, your are betting the pendulum will swing, and indeed it shall!