Autism Rocks!

The Autism Rocks, founded in 2014, is a charity event that is invitation only and is founded in London. Autism Rocks is a live concert event to raise awareness and funding of Autism and the research of. This news release was completed by PR Newswire. So what exactly is autism? Autism is a developmental disability in both social and communication.

Sanjay Shah had decided to add two more trustees to the charity board. These two people would be Will and Pete Best. Both of these people are considered to be active board members for Autism Rocks. They will help with decision making as well as reports of both short and long-term goals for the company.

Before starting Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah had held experience in the fields of accounting, entrepreneurship, as well as philanthropy. Philanthropy is the aspiration of the wellness of other people, which is usually expressed with charitable donations.

Sanjay Shah is a philanthropist who resides in London. About three years after Shah’s youngest child was diagnosed with autism, Sanjay Shah had created the Autism Rocks event. His goal was to raise awareness about autism, as well as to raise funds and donations to donate for research of the cause of autism.

Sanjay Shah is the current CEO and founder of Solo Capital Markets. Solo Capital, sometimes referred to as Solo Capital Limited or Solo Capital UK, is located in London. The company was founded in 2009, and has since become a huge success. The company is a financial service company with specialties including consulting, proprietary trading, as well as professional sports investments.

Solo Capital Markets has a new worth of about £15 million. Before his success with Autism Rocks and Solo Capital Markets, he had looked into studying medicine before he decided that that was not the field for him.

Keith Mann Starts Scholarship for Young Professionals

Keith and Keely Mann have started the Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The scholarship is designed to attract the interests of high school students with an interest in, and a talent for business innovations. Working with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, the Scholarship for Professional Achievement is available to inner city high school students in need of financial support.

Joe Frick from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, a counselor charged with helping seniors find placement in colleges, voiced his excitement over the partnership with Keith Mann’s scholarship. The financial support given from interested parties like the Manns make it possible for many inner city students achieve a four-year education at an accredited college or university when ti would otherwise be difficult to afford the opportunity to do so.

To be applicable for the scholarship, applicants must be high school students must be seniors prepared to graduate from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn. The winner of the scholarship, when announced, will receive $5,000 that will then be applied towards their college education.

In order to apply for the scholarships, applicants must author a one-thousand word essay that explores the importance of a college degree and how it will help them on their path to achieving their professional aspirations. This stems from Keith Mann’s professional life with Dynamics Search Partners, which is geared towards finding individuals who would fit best in key positions in a variety of businesses. With this scholarship, Mann hopes to make students into those key individuals who will eventually contribute meaningfully to businesses.

For over 15 years, Keith Mann has worked on executive searches, addressing the staffing needs of companies operating in various markets. In 2002, Mann started the Alternative Investment Practice, expanding his work in executive search to supply ideal candidates to hedge funds in need of staffs. Mann eventually went on to develop Dynamics Search Partners, which serves alternative investment firms, private equity and other businesses in the financial market.

Currently, Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. Through Dynamics Search, Mann has partnered with several financial firms and alternative investments in the United States, Asia and Europe, filling more than 200 positions annually, providing his clients with key personnel to help their company’s efficiency.

Avi Weisfogel’s Go FundMe Campaign Targets More Than Just Donating Funds To Operation Smile.

Avi Weisfogel is a New Jersey-based dentist founder and owner of Old Bridge Dental and Dental Sleep Masters. Throughout his career, Avi Weisfogel has been conducting extensive research on the treatment of sleep disorders. In 1999, he started his Old Bridge Dental Care, which marked the beginning of his prosperous dental practice. He worked with Old Bridge Dental for over 15 years and was named Best Dentist in New Jersey numerous times years. Sleep disorders exploration and research opened up more opportunities for Dr. Avi Weisfogel. During his research, he came up with a way through which dentists and physicians could combat sleep disorders in their patients.

Healthy Heart Sleep was founded by Avi Weisfogel in 2010. This was an organization that was meant to collaborate with physicians worldwide and share knowledge on sleep disorders. This organization envisioned the establishment of sleep labs worldwide. Weisfogel took his sleep disorder fight further in 2012 when he founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. Through this program, he offered dentists and sleep patients lectures on combative measures against sleep disorders. His Dental Sleep Masters came into the sleep disorder fight in 2014 offering a new approach on how dentists could use oral appliances for sleep disorder treatment.

During the launch of his GoFundMe campaign, Avi Weisfogel said that his charity campaign aims to go beyond monetary support. As his GoFundMe campaign was being founded, the main aim was to raise $2000 to offer as donations to Operation Smile. Avi Weisfogel said that his GoFundMe campaign is looking forward to being part of Operation Smile charity agenda. He said that the charity organization, Operation Smile’s mission of changing the lives of unfortunate children has totally got him passionate. Avi Weisfogel added that he would be leading his GoFundMe campaign to a long partnership with Operation Smile.

Operation Smile charity efforts are dedicated to combating deformities affecting the face in children. This organization provides surgical procedures to this children to correct their deformities. Avi Weisfogel and his GoFundMe campaign will be working with Operation Smile to increase the number of children benefiting from the charity.


Nothing Smarter, Compatible Fast, and Quick Like Video Chat

Talk Fusion video chat only launched in March 2016 has received great adoption globally famous in Japan, Indonesia, and Switzerland. Apparently video chat is gaining lots of popularity for its compatibility with PCs, Androids and Apple devices among others. The communication application has become a great tool of preference and good marketing criteria. Video marketing is the new thing on the internet especially with the ability to relay more information in comparison to texts and emails. Video chat is very easy and affordable and can be found in the play store in smartphone devices in addition to app stores. Talk Fusion is looking forwarding to initiating the video chat with 30 days free trial , the program has passed thousands of programs to being the number one preference for most of its users.

Bob Reina is the chief executive officer of Talk Fusion; he founded the firm in 2007 after failing in trials to send a 10 seconds video to his friends. He asked for assistance from IT experts in his area, and they managed to come up with talk fusion. The company owns more than 1000 templates for video communication including those meant to pass congratulatory messages thank you among other messages. It has been focused on video emails and helping businesses in the brand development and marketing through video emails. It has been famous for its innovations through video communications.

Talk Fusion has also spread to over 150 countries globally with the services; apparently video marketing is a contributor of over 40$ revenues. The firm is located in Florida and is a member of direct selling association. Talk Fusion employees are experts in delivering the right information for business; most firms can even use already made templates or dedicated information in addition to customized company templates. Talk Fusion tools help develop customer base increase sales and deliver information very easily. Some of its famous tools include global income opportunities, lead capture, and video conferencing and live meetings. Video chats have proven to relay more than a million words only in a 60 seconds video. The forum is not only self-gratifying but also entertaining and interest attracting. It has completely changed the world of online business marketing.

Lime Crime Puts Color In Your Life And On Your Face

Lime Crime is a colorful line of cosmetics created by owner Doe Deere. Doe is as bright as her line of cosmetics. She is the self-proclaimed head unicorn at her company. Doe was always fascinated with playing with makeup and vibrant, bold colors. She started playing with makeup at a young age and followed her dreams to become an entrepreneurial success. Lime Crime was created for the adventurous women that aren’t afraid to make a statement. The line of cosmetics gives a complete range of color that covers the spectrum. Doe has never followed the rules set by fashion standards regarding the use of color and what is considered to match. She plays with color in both her wardrobe and her cosmetics.

If you are looking for a luscious blue lipstick to match your purse, then Lime Crime has you covered. If you are looking for a dark cherry red, then they also have that too. Want lime eyeshadow? Look no further because there is not a shade of makeup that they don’t have. Doe spends her days in the lab creating and managing her cosmetics line. She is extremely hands on and loves her job. Lime Crime believes in cruelty-free cosmetic testing and uses high-quality natural ingredients. The cosmetics give fabulous color and last all day. Great care goes into the creation of new additions. Lime Crime’s popularity on Twitter has been fantastic and is on the rise. Color mavens all over are clamoring for their products and are anxiously awaiting for new products to be released.

Give Lime Crime products in the Amazon store a try if you are not afraid to be expressive with color. The quality of the product sells itself, and this company is looking to grow and become a household name shortly. Doe Deere is determined to corner the market in the color and flair department. Not doubt there will be much more coming from this company shortly.  See what Pinterest users have been doing to enhance their looks with Lime Crime.

Scaling a Start-Up to a Powerhouse

Creating your own company or start-up is a good way to make extra money, provided you know something about finances. Oisin Hanrahan would be one person who has some knowledge about this field.

Hanrahan is the founder of the start-up known as Handy, formerly called Handybook, and is an on-demand cleaning service. The company itself is only about three years old but in this timeframe, it is estimated to be worth half a billion dollars, with even more success coming this past week after raising an additional $50 million in fundraising. Handy is also a New York based company.

Hanrahan got his start for Handy when he was living in Boston with his two roommates, one of whom ended up being the co-founder for the company. The two of them decided to drop out of college altogether and focus on creating the business, and eventually got the help they needed from raising $50,000 in seed and incubator money. With the money necessary to build the business, the two of them decided not to remain in Boston but rather move to a larger city, specifically New York City, where Handy could successfully grow.

When asked about his company and any details regarding its future, Hanrahan mentioned that moving to New York was key because it was the densest area for business growth and was good for promoting on-demand businesses. He added that once his business becomes many times larger than other ones, the economy surrounding it will be better because costs for materials get lower and more can be done with the extra money. He then stated that his goal was to expand on retention at Handy and make more and more investments as Handy continues to raise money and grow as time goes on.

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Providing Your Dog With A Healthy Meal From Beneful

What Does Your Furry Friend Eat For Dinner?

If you are anything like me, then you care a great deal about what your furry friend gets to eat for dinner. When you are a caring pet owner, like me, you will go the extra mile to support your dog’s diet and wellness by only buying the premium brands that you trust. Beneful makes a wide variety of different kinds of wet foods, dry dog foods and tasty snacks for dogs. I recommend all of their products because they are made with high quality ingredients, so you know they are good enough for the furry friend by your side.

Beneful’s variety of dog snacks keep my dog happy when we go to the park to play. I like to train my dog sometimes. We have worked on the basic commands, and it always helps to have an enticing dog treat their with me in order to get him to listen to the commands that I am teaching him. I usually pick up an extra bag of Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges when I go to the pet store because they help keep my dog’s teeth in order. They also help keep his breath fresh. However, when I am training him at the park I will use Purinastore’s Beneful Baked Delights. They have a bunch of Baked Delights to choose from, so you will surely find one that agrees with your dog.

In terms of their dry foods and wet foods, has quite a powerful selection of high quality dog foods. My dog loves their wet food. It’s called Chopped Blends. It comes in several flavors. He likes to chow down on the one with real turkey, brown rice and sweet potatoes. It smells delicious to me, and he gobbles it right down!

Dry dog food from Beneful is nutritious for your dog as well. My dog prefers the Dry Dog Food Originals that Beneful makes in the variety made of real chicken. It also has real vegetables in it. I know my dog is getting a well rounded meal. Beneful is also available online on Amazon:


James Dondero appoints Terry Jones in the Institutional product division as the company explores new heights

James Dondero is the chairman of Board of CCS Medical, NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare. Having over three decades of experience, Dondero is the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management (HCM) and currently based in Dallas, Texas. HCM was formed in 1993, and the Fund is known for being the pioneer of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and developing customized credit-oriented solutions for both retail and institutional investors worldwide. The company has won awards in CLOs, institutional separate accounts, mutual funds, hedge funds, and ETFs.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS in Commerce (Accounting and Finance Option) He is currently a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Jim’s career began in 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty training program. He is a man who loves his job and the society as well. He is philanthropic in supporting initiatives in veteran’s affairs, education, public policy. Before he founded HCM, Jim was the Chief Investment Officer, who helped to build the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life to reach a value of $2 billion in a span of four years from inception. He has worked for American Express as the Corporate Bond Analyst and later the Portfolio Manager.

Highland Capital Management (HCM) currently has $20 billion in assets under management. With institutional products being the driver of HCM’s growth, James Dondero has found the need to hire Terry Jones as the president of the division to drive solutions in the broader institutional sales platform. Jones will also undertake the role of aligning the portfolio risk management as well as identifying, assessing and mitigating the risks that affect the products.

HCM is well positioned among other Hedge Fund managers to the current dynamic market. The managers are well experienced, and the company has both the infrastructure and investment capabilities. Jones was very excited to join the Highland’s team and be part of the solution in developing client oriented solution. He expressed his commitment to continue the Highland’s culture to provide customers with even better transparency that is necessary to understand opportunities and risks.

The president of Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero also expressed optimism that Jones will provide the leadership needed given his vast experience to expedite the client solutions and enhance the performance in risk-adjustment. Jones has gained his professional experience before joining Highland Capital as the Lead Director of the Highland Funds, part of the Board of Genworth Life Insurance Company, Founder and CIO of Battersby Capital Management and former Portfolio Manager of Goldman Sachs.

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Charles Koch and His Love For George Mason University

A public school in the outskirts of the nation’s capital, George Mason University, has discreetly become a conservative powerhouse in law and economics. Its reputation has partly been built by the tens of millions of dollars donated to the university by Charles Koch every year. From the year 2011 to 2014, Charles Koch foundation has given almost $48 Million to the university in one way or another, the tax records show.

Although Koch donates more than $20 Million every year among hundreds of United States universities through his foundation, there is no other school that received more that $1 millions in a year during this period. It is not unusual for billionaires to donate such large sums to schools, however, the size of these donations has raised some concerns among a few George Mason faculty and students about maintaining independence and echoing unease that has grown in other schools that benefit from Koch’s generosity.

Charles Koch is an American philanthropist and businessman. He is also the co-owner, CEO and chairman of the board of Koch Industries. His brother serves as the Executive VP of the firm. These brothers inherited the company from their father and expanded the business. Koch Industries was originally involved in chemicals and oil refining, however, the company now includes pollution and process control technologies and equipment, minerals, polymers and fibers, forest and consumer products, ranching and forest and consumer products. The businesses offer a variety of well-known brands like Lycra brand of fiber, Stainmaster carpet, Dixie Cup and Quilted Northern.

Koch attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in 1957, an MSc. in Mechanical Engineering and a second MSc in chemical engineering. Immediately after college, Koch worked at Arthur D. Little before moving back home to join his father’s business, Rock Island Oil and Refining Company. In 1967, he was made the president of the firm. That same year, he renamed the company to Koch Industries, to honor his father. The company generated $90 million in revenue in 2006, a growth of more than 2000 times over. In 2014, Koch Industries was worth around $41.3 billion according to Forbes 400 list.

Astrologers: Using the Eclipse Season to Your Fashion Advantage

Immediately we heard about our favorite astrologers the Tali Edut, the super cute and the accurate AstroStyle twins were joining hands with the e-shop based in Los Angeles, the Dreslyn with the main aim of curating and editing the eclipse season friendly accessories and clothes.

So how will the eclipse season be able to affect the wardrobes? Is this the right time for the style formation? We decided to chat with our sisters in order to discuss the various style moves and what you should and shouldn’t make in the next few weeks. Our sisters thoroughly explained the Dreslyn selection on and the pulls in the balance of restraint and romance.

Actually we will be more confident to pay more attention to our appearances having the eclipses in creative Pisces and the fashion hound Libra. Since our emotions are usually ruled by the moon, retail therapy will ensure we are strong whenever we are under the influence of the eclipses.

Remembering those who do the shopping, saving the receipts, and checking the return policies can be questionable and hasty because of the eclipse decisions. In the long run, we might agree that indeed we had purchased something that is just of sheer beauty rather than how flattering it appeared when it was put on. There have been lots of changes in the fashion world. More designs are coming into the market with most people especially the ladies having the urge to be associated with the latest style in JustFab. However, there are some who have been kept out the high prices of the latest fashion designs.

About JustFab
JustFab was founded back in 2010. JustFab is a lifestyle fashion firm which produces and engaging and private shopping experience in order to cover over 35 million members on the globe through its great portfolio of brands which include FabKids, JustFab, Fabletics and ShoeDazzle. Over the years JustFab has continued to transform how the ladies shop for fashion all over the globe which has provided the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and France members the celebrity treatment almost every month on

Kate Hudson founded JustFab which offers lifestyle of high quality activewear and accessories for any active woman. The FabKids is also a top kids apparel brand which provides the busy parents with a modern way to ensure their kids and grown in an appropriate style, ready to play outfits and affordable. FabKids is also devoted in providing their clients with ShoeDazzle, world class service and daily fix deals.

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