New Jersey Dentist Joins Forces With Operation Smile And Go Fund Me To Help People Around The World

Avi Weisfogel grew up in New Jersey. His father was a cardiologist that served the local community and Avi knew that he wanted to be like his father. But it is when he started to notice girls growing up that he knew how he was going to help his fellow citizens of New Jersey. The first thing he noticed about the girls were their teeth. It started a love affair with dental health, aesthetics and hygiene.

They say if you do what you love then you will never work a day in your life. And that is how Avi Weisfogel feels when he goes to work in the morning. He is so committed to helping people through dentistry that he feels lucky to do what he does. And he never stops learning. He takes more than the state-required 40 annual hours of continuing education every year because he is so intent on helping people in the best way possible, and it shows. This practice has blossomed and he has been able to purchase other offices throughout New Jersey. Watch his educational video below.

You might think that Avi would rest on his laurels and enjoy the fruits of his labor quietly in New Jersey, but you’d be wrong. His success at the local level has only increased his commitment to altruism through dentistry and he seeks to expand the scope of his philanthropy world wide. That is why he has started a GoFundMe campaign to benefit the Operation Smile charity.

Operation Smile is a group of activists and dentists that travel the world giving out surgical care to those with cleft lip or cleft palate. It is shocking to know that only 4% of all cleft lip or palate surgeries are performed a person from a poor community. And without this surgery, a person afflicted with this horrible defect can expect problems with hearing, speech and eating throughout their entire lives. But that only measures the medical difficulties, not the social ones.

Cleft lip can lead to dental damage. The mouth does not cover the upper teeth, leaving them exposed and vulnerable. And the look of a cleft lip isn’t exactly pleasing. People afflicted with the condition will find it difficult to socialize, make friends or get a job working with people. But surgery can help solve the problem, bringing the patient out of isolation. Avi, Operation Smile and Go Fund Me seek to help as many as possible. Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his campaign.

High Hopes For 2016 From James Dondero And Other Investors

The stock market has exited the year 2015 at the point where it started the year. However, the silver lining of the flat line capital gains performance lies in a shift in investor psychology. This is where the good news for 2016 lie.

The first half of 2015 was calm, this being attributed to good fundamentals as well as investor optimism. However, as fundamentals concerns built up, the August-October mini-crash brought to an end the happy attitude in the market. This unfortunate turnabout brought back growth worries that resulted in risk focus and investor skepticism.

After VIX had become the indicator of fear in the market, it dissipated both in amount as well as interest in the fourth quarter as the market reestablished itself. Instead of investor attitudes improving, they were all directed towards the price of oil. As the price of oil hit new lows, there was an increased sense of risk and uncertainty. The situation was made worse by the announcement by Goldman Sachs and others that the price of oil could see a further decline.

With the market full of uncertainties, investors sense that the same will recur in the new year. Analysts, as well as other prognosticators, seem to support this belief. This brings us to why 2016 could turn out to be good for the stock market. Currently, the market is in a favorable position to produce positive surprises in the new year.

When stocks appear risky, it is a wise bet to invest in “safe” stocks. These appear conservatively priced and pay good dividends. If the market ends up producing surprisingly positive returns, attitudes will significantly improve, meaning demand for successful growth companies will be on the increase.

James Dondero is a veteran in the credit and equity markets. His successful career has seen him amass an experience of over 30 years. Jim has proven successful in the management of various hedge funds worth billions of dollars.

Jim is a co-founder of the successful Highland Capital Management. He also serves as the president of the firm. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia. Mr. Dondero is a Certified Public Accountant as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst designation holder. He serves as on the board member as well as chairman in various firms.

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Sam Tabar is a New York City Fiscal Strategist

The world of business is one that is quite varied. Many people want to invest but they may find doing so quite daunting. In that case, it often makes sense to seek out help from someone who fully understands all aspects of the market as well as the world of law. Both of these fields intersect quite frequently. Many people find it very helpful to work with a professional with a background in both law and the business world. Doing so can help anyone get the kind of assistance they need from that person and have a portfolio that suits their needs well.

One such person is lawyer and fiscal strategist Sam Tabar. Tabar is a skilled lawyer who has chosen to work in the field of business law, and he’s had a long career there which his bio reflects. He has also chosen to provide much needed fiscal advice for those who may wish to investigate the world of investing. Many people find that it is imperative to have someone one their side as they look for the right kind of investments that will yield their desired rate of return. Working with a trained professional like Sam Tabar can help them understand the various ways in which a well balanced portfolio can be of use to them.

Tabar is a highly trained legal professional with an extensive background in this area. He is a graduate of Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He earned his degree with honors there and then left the United Kingdom to attend Columbia University law school in New York City. At Columbia, Tabar was as Associate Editor of the prestigious Columbia Business Law Review. Honing his skills as editor allowed him to get a close up look at the field of business and start to develop a basic understanding of the field of business law.

Since that time, Tabar has decided to make his home in the United States and stay in New York City. He has taken a series of jobs that have allowed him to be able to expand his legal skills and his understanding of the world of fiscal strategy. This knowledge has helped him in his work for various companies and clients since his graduation. He has taken multiple positions in the field of business and helped develop fiscal strategy for companies that include Bank of America Merrill Lynch and companies that are just starting up and need his investment advice. Now as the CEO of FullCycle Fund, he’s definitely in the right position of authority to provide that advice.

Ricardo Guimaraes the Driving Power of Banco BMG.

The Banco BMG is a leader financial institution in Brazil majoring in payroll loans. The bank rose from the merging of Banco Itau a former mining bank and BMG, a commercial bank offering a variety of products to individuals and other organizations. BMG was focused on funding wholesale and retail businesses and also financing cumbersome and light vehicles. The merger has resulted in massive growth and developments not only in payroll loans but also in provision other financial services. Banco BMG is focused on dealing with customers whose default rate is low. This strategy has seen the bank acquire a massive customer base thus National loan leader I Brazil.
Ricardo Guimaraes is a reputable business person, heir and the CEO of the family business BMG since 1998. He is now the president of Banco BMG. It’s through his skillful managerial tactics, innovativeness, and professionalism that elevated BMG to a leader in consigned credit monitoring in Brazil. Mr. Guimaraes, born in an affluent family, could later use the advantage of the connections he had with other financial sectors to gather information and experience that has aided him to propel the bank into a National loan leader.
Banco BMG has gained its success under the management of Mr. Guimaraes. The bank has engaged in sports marketing, sponsoring football teams and athletes across Brazil becoming the leading sports promoter in the country. Ricardo is a football lover, a fan of Atletico Mineiro Club, does not hinder the bank from extending its support to other teams and players in the league. Through the sports sponsorship, Mr. Guimaraes has succeeded in popularizing the bank brand as the matches are broadcast on the National televisions. Sports marketing has leaped significant returns for the bank.
Ricardo Guimaraes has contemplated into the market pressure and over the time created some methods of diversifying the bank products and services to meet new emerging customers’ needs. With this in mind, he purchased the Schahin Bank and GE Money Brazil. The two financial institutions have offered the remedy on the issue of inclusion of new and unique products in the market to become competitive in all other areas in the finance sector.
The bank is offering different types of loans to a variety of customer profiles, such as vehicle financing and personal loans to individuals. In the long, though the payroll loaning constitutes a major part, there is a tendency to decrease in their participation so as to deal with competition. It operates by giving the best to the customers and creation of a variety of products without losing focus of their primary product and showing confidence in potential clients.

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How Ricardo Guimarães Made BMG Better

BMG is a bank that has always been big and successful. It is a bank in Brazil that has many accounts as well as other parts to the bank. It is a place that is enjoyable and has become even more so in the years since 2004 when it was taken over by Ricardo Guimarães.

In 1980, fresh out of college, Ricardo Guimarães began working for the BMG bank. He started working there as his first job and did not know that it would eventually be owned by him. Although he did not know exactly what he was going to do at the bank, he was sure that he was going to make it big there. He wanted to make sure that he was going to get the best of the bank and consistently strived to make it better. Ther were many times when Ricardo Guimarães wanted to give up, but he stuck to it.

After several promotions, overcoming hardships and working his hardest to make the bank better, Ricardo Guimarães was promoted to the executive financial officer in 1989. This was an anomaly because he had only worked with the company for less than a decade and had no prior experience when he started with the company. There were many things that he did to get this promotion, but among the best were the way that he continued to push forward and excel with greatness in his positions.

During his time as the EFO, he was able to make major positive changes at the bank. He made sure that he was always looking toward the future of the bank and pushed for the bank to become a better place for everyone who did business there. During this time, he made nearly all of the financial decisions of the bank and was at the head of the table when it came to decisions that were ultimately made by the bank. He practiced his skills and honed in what he had been doing to prepare him for what was going to come in 15 years.

The bank was up for sale in 2004 and Ricardo Guimarães jumped on the opportunity to purchase it. This bank was his pet project and he was sure that he was going to be able to run it successfully. Despite there being some hardships that he has faced with the bank since he took over, he has managed to make it a better functioning bank than it was in the past. He has worked with the employees to make them more satisfied, worked with customers to give them better options and worked with other financial institutions to ensure that he was offering the best in banking.

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Quality Dog Food Keeps My Dog Healthy

Taking Good Care Of Your Dog
There are no doubts in my mind that the food that we put in our bodies, in our family’s bodies and in our pets’ bodies is what gives them energy and life. That I why taking good care of your dog involves much more than giving him love and going for long walks. Although exercise is important, your dog’s diet is the biggest influence on his or her livelihood. The diet is so important that you should consider buying high quality pet foods from your pet store if you haven’t already been doing this. If you are a good pet owner, then you will enjoy knowing that premium food is made of ingredients that are higher quality. The high quality food that I choose for my dogs and the food that I recommend to other people is Beneful. I recommend it for dogs of all ages because they have different blends of dog food for different ages of dogs and different breeds. The Beneful Dry Dog Food comes in a blend for puppies, called Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy. It comes in a flavor that all dogs love, and it is made of real chicken. That is my personal favorite thing about buying Beneful. I love to see that the package says things about having real ingredients in their recipe. I am proud to purchase foods from a dog food company that has high standards and practices. I know that Beneful is from Purina, and Purina is a premium brand that cares about what customers think. They actually have a way that customers can pick and choose what goes into their dog’s food by selecting the items online. I am not surprised that my dog cleans his bowl of Beneful Chopped Blends because it looks like a delicious blend of pieces of real meat and pieces of real vegetables. The article that I mentioned earlier was from the Daily Herald. I recommend that you read it and share it with others on social media. View the article by clicking this link.

US Money Reserve Protects Financial Wealth With Hard Assets

The United States Constitution Article I, Section 10, Clause 1 states that gold and silver will be the legal tender for the country. Gold and silver have a long history of being used for financial transactions. US Money Reserve is one of the largest precious metals coin distributors in the nation.
Why Invest in Gold & Silver?
Gold and silver have always been used as money. These precious metals are also incredibly valuable for industrial purposes and jewelry. These precious metals have a shine, luster and value that stand the test of time.

US Money Reserve sells popular coins issued from the US Government Mint. The aforementioned clause in the United States Constitution directed the government to issue coins to preserve the wealth of the citizens. These products are official legal tender.

As legal tender, they are easy to recognize around the world. It is easier to verify the value of these numismatics due to standardized weight, metal content and design. Investors will find that buying and selling official US coins can be more profitable due to a larger market of experienced traders.
Why Buy From US Money Reserve
Unlike other gold and silver firms, US Money Reserve offers a wider range of coin experts to help you make the best choice. Discuss your needs for type of metal, price, condition and design. US Money Reserve has more than 100 experienced professionals including the following: senior gold specialists, industry-leading numismatic experts and coin research, to name a few.

The United States Money Reserve website offers plenty of information to help you make the best investment decisions. Read articles on “Why Buy Gold,” “Precious Metals” and “FAQ.” This is a good company that educates the novice and offers superior services to the expert.
Learn More About US Money Reserve From Social Media
Besides the official website, you can also learn about special news or offers on social media. Ask some questions of the experienced US Money Reserve staff, they are ready to serve:

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Eyewitness Descriptions Might Not Be Totally Reliable

At crime scenes, witnesses who were viewing the exact same event, might render vastly different descriptions and interpretations. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to rely simply on what we see “right-in-front-of-our-eyes” for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, there might be a new image recognition software that can be used to search for items automatically.

“Describing Things People Or Events Can Be Challenging”

Simply because you view a dress, jacket or shoe does not mean that you can accurately describe it to others. You might really like the look, but simply have problems due to eyesight, memory, perspective or explanatory aptitude. Academicians have discovered that eyewitness testimony is not always the most reliable.

People with poor vision might not be able to determine colors, shapes and sizes in much detail. Bad memory could leave you forgetting a very important detail. And some people are simply not very good at describing things.

“Slyce Snapshot Software Sells”

Italian software developers at Slyce have created an image recognition technology that can be used by both mobile and desktop users. Old images can be enhanced using this technology. New images can be compared to others to find matches.

Besides law enforcement applications, regular consumers can use this “deep learning” technology to compare products or faces with online examples. At a dinner party, you can take a picture of a beautiful dress and use the Slyce technology to search online for its match.

The MIT Technology Review investigated this artificial intelligence reporting that “Pinterest” and “” were conducting real life testing to determine the viability of the technology. Sharing photographs can be a great way to connect. Social media can use Slyce to compare celebrities or even look for distinctive features in babies.

“A Camera In Every Hand”

Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook have made it easy to share our lives in real-time. Just click on a button, snap a picture and send. Now the Slyce technology takes this to the next level. Individuals can actually search and shop using images, what a nice thought.

Europe An Alternative Market for Venture Capital Firms

Since the beginning of the last half decade, the European companies are beginning to rise in the market dominated by the American and Asian firms. Europe has a well-trained and talented workforce keen on new era technology innovations. This market is becoming the green pasture for American venture capital firms escaping the domestic competition. The analysts are estimating the new market to rise above the American and the Asian pioneers in the next century.

Mentioning innovations, it’s also interesting to associate it with the need for more capital. This trend is attracting more American venture capital firms investing in the capital-starved business. Currently, the American Giants are already making returns on the new market and more and more are joining. The capital starved new businesses is a hunting ground for investors. Among them is the leading healthcare sector investment firm Highland Capital management.

Highland capital investment firm is headquartered in Dallas. Headed by James Dondero, The firm is the leader in alternative investment with assets excess of $21 billion. The company’s largest investment sector is the health care sector. Headed by Michael Gregory, Highlands’s healthcare sector is a darling of investors. The manager pedigree is reputable, and the investor relations are distinguished. The largest industry of the giant investment firm has been built for years. Recently, the company received the prestigious US hedge funds award from HFM. The award was both a confirmation of the company’s commitment to investing in the health sector and leader in excellence performance. The investment industry is full of competition and making it to the list is a tribute to the good leadership and management skills. Jim congratulated his team for their efforts in making the firm great.

Under Jim’s excellent and professional leadership, the firm’s future growth path is very optimistic. The company provides legal and expert advice in security trading and financial information. Highland Capital Management firm is the pioneer of collateralized loan obligations introduced in 1996. Jim has led the company to recover well from the 2008 economic crises that rocked the industry in a surprise. The crises were the worst to hit the sector since 1929. Several investment firms recorded huge losses. Nevertheless, the company has recovered from the financial menace and has currently over 21 billion in assets and over 1000 employees. It also has operational offices in New York, Singapore, and Brazil.

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Beneful is a Hit at The Animal Shelter

I work at an animal shelter where we give all of our dogs Beneful dog food. We give each dog a different type of Beneful. I just wanted to talk about how great Beneful products have been for us at the animal shelter. We use Beneful Originals for our big breeds, Beneful Incredibites for our small breeds, and Beneful Healthy Puppy for all of our puppy’s. We have never once had any problems at all with any of the dogs being on these types of Beneful. Before Beneful we gave all our animal shelter dogs a different type of dog food and we had a lot of problems with the dogs getting sick or not wanting to be on the food. We buy all three types of Beneful Originals that are sold for our big breeds so that the dogs can sniff out which food they might like the best when we first get them. The three types are chicken, beef, and salmon. Most of our big breed dogs on pick the beef, but a couple chose chicken and a couple salmon. So beef Beneful Originals is a hit around here. All the puppies enjoy their Beneful puppy food and scarf it down as fast as they can. Also, the small breeds love their Incredibites and we do too because they come in tiny pieces so they are easy for our small breed dogs to digest. I like the results Beneful on purina has had on the dogs at the shelter so much that I even bought some and brought it home for my dogs to try. They loved it more than the food they ate before. My cat, even tried to sneak the dog food a few times. Beneful must be from the heavens because every dog I know loves it more than they love human food. In fact, my dogs don’t even beg for my food anymore, they love it so much.

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