Using Home Cleaning Services to Make a Good First Impression

You spend all of your time in class. From sunup to sundown, even at night, all you do is study. Every once in a while, you may have just a little time to unwind and when you do, you probably don’t want to clean. You probably want to hang out with friends. If this sounds like your life than I definitely feel for you.

You stay out late with your friends on a spontaneous double date and when 3 o’clock in the morning hits, your new friend asks to come home with you for a conversation nightcap. What does your room look like? Is your room conducive to intimate encounters with the fairer sex, or does your room look like junk dumpster?

So, your new friend comes back to your room and for some reason, she fully enjoys her time with you. The funny thing is, she doesn’t leave her number. Does she feel as if she has breached her standards and has hit an all-time low by “befriending” you so quickly? If your room looked amazing, would she had left her number with you? Not just because you are a great, intimate friend for her to know, but also because you are tidy and she is not ashamed to be around you? Well, when it comes to pleasing your friends and acquaintances, you should never have to guess. Success with the fairer sex should just happen and they should be proud to be your friend, as opposed to ashamed.

Now, let’s look at an alternative scenario- You go to class all day. You have an hour and a half break where you can pretty much do whatever you want until your next class, then which begins at 2 o’clock and ends at 6 o’clock. With an app, you message Handy, Home Cleaning Services and request that your dorm room is thoroughly cleaned by their nearest cleaning specialist. They arrive 20 minutes later with all of their cleaning tools and supplies and clean your dorm room until it is spotless. Before they are done cleaning, you leave for your next class. When you come back to your room, it is absolutely spotless.

Now, you have a little extra time before to kill with your friends. You go to the bar and you are wearing some pretty nice clothes. Why, because they were just cleaned by your cleaning lady. You look amazing with your extended wardrobe (because your laundry is clean.) Some really nice people at the bar want to become friends with you on a more intimate, personal level. They come back to your room for a nightcap and, as opposed to the other guys whose dorms they’ve visited in the last two years, yours has has broken the all-time record for being neat and tidy, although you are an aggressive, confident and ravenous man who knows what he wants in life. Tidy and ravenous rarely come together and they do, it is a win-win. She opens herself up to you like a best friend and when she leaves in the morning to her first class, she leaves her phone number on your dresser and asks you to call her. Why? Because she sees you as a keeper.

The Phenomenal Woman-Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is the founding partner of the P3 Executive Consulting Firm. She offers consultancy services in marketing, branding, operational efficiencies, and talent management.In addition, she is a motivational speaker and has spoken to diverse audiences about women empowerment. His father who was then a football couch brought up Susan together with her two elder brothers in Ohio. His father greatly influenced her personality as he constantly encouraged her to work hard and became what she wanted to be.He always told her that her feminine gender was not a determinant of her career destiny. Because of the good moral upbringing, Susan learnt how to present her ideas and thoughts with great confidence regardless of the type of audience at hand. She learnt to put behind what people said about women and preferred to focus on what empowered women. According to Susan McGalla on wikinvest, an individual’s gender was neither hindering nor helpful rather what someone had to offer to the society. Consequently, Susan has always been equally confident working with men as well as with women. Her confidence has been very instrumental in the success of her career.

Educational and career background

She graduated with a degree in marketing from Mount Union College in 1990 and began practicing her expertise in Joseph Horne Company. Four years later, she moved to Eagle Outfitters Company, which was apparently predominated by male employees in both the executive and board positions. Her hard work and career excellence in Eagles marked the start of her ascension to lifetime experience and accomplishments. She became a true symbol of cultural change where both men and women worked indiscriminately. She held numerous executive positions at Eagles Company, where her leadership was marked with tremendous transformations and changes, which lifted the company to a higher level of excellence. Following the changes, Susan was named the president and the chief merchandizing officer of the eagle’s outfitters company. As the president of the company, she was charged with the responsibility of managing an e-commerce site, four brands, and P&L revenues.She oversees the merchandizing, marketing, and design of American teens’ wears.

Currently, Susan works as a consultant of top personalities in finance industry particularly when they require an insiders’ view of the retail’s world. The success her career does not come on a silver platter, her journey to excellence is punctuated with hard work, flexibility and passion. McGalla says she never allowed her gender to come between herself and her career goals. She is in the board of advisors of the Mount Union College. She is also a former CEO of publicly traded company, Wet Seal. Wet Seal provides real estate and research services. She is married to Stephen McGalla.

Overcoming Insecurity For Online Dating

One of the reasons that many people have trouble with dating is that they are insecure. They have a whole bunch of issues that they are hung up about and then they wonder why they have a hard time getting a date or a relationship. Then they look to online dating as the solution to their problems. The unfortunate thing is while online dating can make it easier for some people to get dates. Their insecurity is still going to be a hindrance to them when it comes to relationships. After all, they still have to meet someone in person. which is where a lot of the communication will take place.

One way that online dating might make it easier for people is that it presents more than just the person’s appearance to other users. When a user is interested, all he has to do is click on the profile and then read what is written on the profile. Most of the profile consists of pre-written responses, but there is for the user to provide his own unique biography or get creative. One has very little room to put down something catchy that will get lots of attention from users.

Some dating apps offer even more chances for people to make an impression. Sites like Skout have a buzz page where one could write down updates and even respond to what other people have written in order to connect with people. With Skout on skoutorganic one can also get points even though it is free to sign up. One just has to pay for the points in order to have more privileges. Otherwise, one can just participate in fun conversations. After all, one of the biggest traits that women look for is one’s ability to have fun. Not everyone wants to be around someone who is depressive.

If one has insecurities that get the best of him in dating situations, then he should work hard to overcome them before attempting to date. Whatever his perceived flaws are, he must do what he can to work on them until he is either satisfied with himself or not as bothered by his flaws. Online dating is not going to make things better for him. If anything, it may make his problems seem more potent.

For online dating apps, one has to be prepared to work really hard at meeting someone. Online dating sites will only do a portion of the work. It is up to the person with the dating profile to put effort into breaking the ice and engaging in different conversations. Only then, could he actually meet someone that is worth dating.

Will The Prices of Houston Property Continue to Rise?

According to, comparative to the rest of the nation, Houston Texas is one of the countries brightest destinations in terms of the future prices of its real estate. In other words, if you brought property in Houston right now you are guaranteed to get your bang for your buck, as prices for property in the city are guaranteed to soar.

Being home to some of the world’s greatest attractions, including first-rate museums, and its own NASA space station, this sweetheart market caters to customers who are impressed by its down-to-earth real estate prices, wide variety of food, plus arts and entertainment. Whether you are on a paper-thin budget or there is no limit on how much money you can spend, you’ll find an exciting array of activities to indulge in the South’s most beautiful and diverse metropolitan areas.

It’s grossly undervalued property has caused a frenzy amongst consumers to grab as much land as possible, as land development in the city of Houston is at an all-time high.

With its beautiful, world-class art scene, prolific theater community and staggering variety of activities and attractions, the relatively low real estate prices that Houston boasts may not be available for much longer as it is shaping up to becoming one of America’s most sought after cultural Meccas. ModernLuxury said that although it is impossible to accurately predict a cities future real estate prices, especially with its expansive development property on such a vast area of land, the city of Houston is beginning to look like the city of New York. Could its prices eventually reflect those of New York City as well?

One could even predict the possibility that it will gain even more cultural status and developed land than the city of New York. Houston, having won awards for innovative city planning has built communities that are heralded as some of the world’s most innovatively designed. Imagine living in one of the best cities in the world and spending less money for your property than one of your friends spent on property in a city that is very poorly laid out with only a 10th of the nightlife and cultural diversity as the city of Houston. How does it make you feel to know that the quality of your life will be greatly improved by your wise financial investment of purchasing a ton of undervalued land in a city with such a vast array of cultural attractions?

Haidar Barbouti is a real estate developer who owns and develops some of the cities most elaborate and highly trafficked shopping centers and commercial properties. Boasting a flawless name in the world of real estate investing, he has created a dynasty for his family and himself by helping out the children of Houston, lending an array of his high value properties free of charge to nonprofit organizations.

Highland Capital Management Received Recognition for its Loan Participation Funds in 2015

The Lipper Fund Awards of Thomson Reuters for 2015 in the United States held its ceremony at the Mandarin Oriental to recognize investment fund management firms with high performance consistency. Among the recipients to receive awards was Highland Capital Management, LLC, an investment banking services provider who received two awards in the Loan Participation Funds category. The firm received awards for its 3-yr Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund and 5-year Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund. The ceremony was different for 2015 compared to prior years, recognizing the firm by name and allowing fund management teams to receive the awards. President and Co-Founder, James Dondero is one of the managers of the fund and contributed to its success by consistent monitoring, analyzing, and applying risk strategies.

Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, LP is an investment management firm that invests in international equity, hedge markets, and fixed income concentrating on high yield bonds and leverage loans. The Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund (HFROF) among others, such as the Long – Short Equity, Long – Short Healthcare and Global Allocation are the firm’s featured investment fund. HFROF is a fund that pursues investment opportunities in Floating Rate Bank Loans which are debt responsibilities of companies with interest rates that fluctuate or float sporadically. The loans are also known as senior loans, which are short duration and floating rate securities that offer potential high income in a variety of markets.

Highland Capital successfully managed the fund in 2014 and 2015, receiving Lipper Fund Awards for the 3-year Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund. The firm also was successful for its 5-year Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund and received a 2015 Lipper Fund Award for their high performance. The management team of the fund is elated for their recognition at the Lipper Fund Awards Ceremony. Highland Capital Management manages billions of dollars in equities each year.

Since the early 1990’s, James Dondero has displayed his proficiency as a Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. He is an expert, investor, entrepreneur and leader in the hedge fund industry. Dondero helps issue securities, purchase securities, manage assets, provide financial & investment advice, and trade securities.

Top Executives in the Business

Eric Pulier is a business person in the innovative world. He is a pioneer in the business and has been a win as a business person in both the private and government divisions including innovation. Not just is Pulier a pioneer in innovation and business enterprise, he is additionally a distributed creator, open speaker, and a giver. He is based out of Los Angeles, California where he lives with his four kids. Eric Pulier was a great CEO for ServiceMesh.

Eric Pulier’s story starts in New Jersey where he was raised. While in the fourth grade in Teaneck, he took an enthusiasm for innovation and PCs. He started to program PCs and even made a PC database organization while he was still in secondary school. After secondary school, Pulier went to Harvard where he majored in English and Literature. Amid his time at Harvard, Pulier served as proofreader for the school’s paper. While going to the prestigious school, Pulier additionally took night classes at close-by MIT to upgrade his mechanical learning. Eric Pulier is one of CSCs most popular and renowned CEOs.

In the wake of moving on from the University, Pulier moved out to Los Angeles where he established a medicinal services based organization entitled People Doing Things. After his dispatch of that part, Pulier kept on making and delivering creative systems, for various interpersonal organizations. One of Pulier’s best ventures was a company called ServiceMesh, which propelled his vocation in another course.

The chief executive Eric Pulier regulates a cloud administration organization that now works in three landmasses. He’s energetic about the advantages of innovation and how it influences governments, the economy and commercial endeavors. In any case, we needed to plunge more profound into his life outside of the workplace. Not just is Eric Pulier a business person in the mechanical group, he is likewise an philanthropist. He gives both time and cash to a few non-benefit associations like Starbright. He likewise serves as a board part for a late spring camp, which obliges kids who have severe illnesses.

QNet Cuts Manufacturing Costs With An Eye On Growth

QNet Cuts Manufacturing Costs With An Eye On Growth
Manufacturing is overlooked when discussing direct sales. Affiliates and end-user consumers look at the finished product. The images of anything coming off a production line do not appear in people’s minds because they are looking at the product from a buying or selling perspective. For the management of a direct selling company such as QNet, production is almost always on the mind. After all, if the special products are not actually manufactured, they cannot be bought or sold.

Some might argue that management of QNet simply has to accept manufacturing costs as the proverbial price of doing business. To a degree, this is true since the company does have to commit a certain amount of funds for production.

However, any business that wants to curtail costs is going to look for ways to decrease expenses. Cutting down the amount of product would do nothing. The profit margin per product would remain and, with less product produced, less profits are possible. This would be true even if scarcity raised the price of the products slightly. No, the way to save money and boost profits is to look for cheaper ways of manufacturing the products without sacrificing quality

QNet is launching a bold new plan in terms of cutting down its production costs. The Hong Kong-based company is planning on moving all of its production to India, a country know for its booming economy, low costs of operation, and skilled work force. All of those components come together and make India a far more attractive location for manufacturing than other regions in the world.

The cost margins that QNet may be able to save thanks to moving production to India are not minor ones. 8% to 10% (possibly 12%) savings on production costs are huge. The funds saved could then be put to use in other areas of business operations. Lowering the costs of the products is another benefit since this makes it easier to facilitate sales.

Better sales figures means affiliate sellers make more money. Once the word gets around that motivated sellers are making good money, more people are going to want to affiliate with QNet. The company ends up growing as a result. QNet also has an India-centric website.

QNet is definitely growing. There are offices in around 25 countries and e-commerce is conducted in many more territories than that. Perhaps after the big move to India, the company’s growth figures might increase even further.

Kenneth C. Griffin and Citadel LLC Envisioning the Future of Investment Opportunities

A banner name joined the Citadel LLC investment firm in 2015. This past spring Ben S. Bernanke was announced as one of the newest members to sign up with this Chicago based hedge fund management team. To many individuals the move by Bernanke offers a number of advantages. What could be better suited for his talents than one of the most prestigious US investment firms?

Even though it was begun less than 30 years ago Citadel LLC has rapidly become a top performing Wall Street firm. The company’s founder is multi-billionaire, Ken Griffin who established this financial investment organization in 1990.

Bernanke is well known for his former position as chairman of the US Federal Reserve. Now he is bringing his financial expertise to the table once again. As a member of the Citadel LLC family Bernanke will serve as a senior investment adviser and consultant.

The Citadel LLC hedge fund management group is estimated to have $25 billion in available investment capital. This money can be used to fuel a multitude of financial opportunities for clients at all levels of the investment spectrum. The combination of direction and experience that Bernanke and Kenneth C. Griffin are able to offer practically ensures that investors will see serious returns for each investment dollar.

Hedge fund management is a complicated field that requires access to research, diverse financial strategy planning and innovative approaches to every investment and acquisition. At Citadel LLC there are experts who work tirelessly to construct diverse portfolios, identify the best investment opportunities and limit the risk exposure for their clients. Although every investment does hold some amount of financial risk the Citadel team can devise sound investment strategies that can often strike a balance between the level of risk and the anticipated amount of rewards.

Kenneth C. Griffin founded this company shortly after his Harvard graduation. Within a decade Citadel LLC had become a powerful leader in the financial field. By the time he was 35 Griffin was already a “mover and shaker” and his name was entered into the Forbes 400 as one of the wealthiest US individuals (younger than 40). Griffin was also recognized as someone who could be described as a “self-made” man. He had worked hard to build his fortune and was now able to enjoy all of the rewards.

Both Griffin and his company have been actively involved in community and philanthropic activities during the past 25 years. As a way of giving back to future generations Griffin has even donated millions of dollars to Harvard’s financial aid department.

Reasons for BRL Trust Investments’ Popularity

Finding an investment company that treats their clients’ money like theirs can appear very difficult, but it’s not impossible nevertheless. Doing some research before selecting the right company helps to weed out the good from the great companies. BRL Trust Investments stands out in the crowd as a trustworthy investment partner. Despite their humble beginnings in 2005, BRL Trust has grown to be a leading provider of essential services in not less than five business areas. Check out their article on

The key to the BRL Trust’s success is the provision of quality services in a business-friendly environment. The company started in the field of private loans, and as they grew in experience and size, the company began trying their hands in other new areas. Today, the areas BRL Trust offers their services include asset management, fiduciary, asset underwriting, funds custody, and fund administration. One can as well register a request with the company’s ombudsman through their contact page and have their need addressed conveniently.

Patience and specialization have also influenced the company’s success. BRL Trust is not a jack of all trades. They decided to master everything one by one, and that has resulted in a steady growth. The growth has not had any adverse effect on the development of the company as was most likely anticipated by experts. Steady growth is often celebrated but associated with some adverse effects. The growth won the admiration of onlookers many of whom are currently BRL Trust’s customers. On BRL’s social media sites, especially LinkedIn, it is evident that the growth made the company start brimming with customers and fresh investment energy.

The crowning glory of the company’s accomplishments is their well-trained and experienced staff. Many people in Brazil and around the world believe that it is pretty difficult to get a job at BRL Trust Investments because they recruit people who have spent many years honing their skills in the investment field. Though this might be bad news to inexperienced job seekers, the ideal has helped the company to offer the very best services. People who become BRL Trust’s clients are assured of the security of the money. The number of positive feedback on the company’s social media is the proof of this claim.

BRL Trust has put in place a code of ethics that requires all their staff always to honor the national laws and the interests of clients. The staff, therefore, apart from being skilled has the needed discipline and fortitude. Since values are regarded as the heart and soul of any business, the moral and ethical guidelines have played a significant role in making the company alive in the heart of their clients. The high level of integrity is what built the company and will keep them on the top in the industry.

Dan Newlin: Super Lawyer and Humanitarian

Personal injury Attorney Dan Newlin started out his career at the Indiana Police Department and Fire Department. After that he earned the rank of Sheriff’s Detective while working for 10 years at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, Florida. Dan Newlin graduated law school in 2000 from Florida State College of Law and is licensed to practice in Illinois.

The Law Offices of Dan Newlin & Associates has over 75 employees. The attorneys range from a Board Certified trial attorney to a Board Certified Surgeon with more than 18 accomplished attorneys. Notably, his law firm was also recognized by Super Lawyers. Super Lawyers has honored less than 5% of the lawyers in Florida. Check out Dan Newlin’s profile on YouTube.

You can reach Attorney Dan Newlin by calling #Dan, an abbreviated calling code which he is at the forefront of putting into practice. In the age of social media Dan thinks remembering ‘hashtag Dan’ is like second nature rather than memorizing yet another phone number or have to scroll through an address book with countless contacts.

At this point, Dan Newlin’s Law Offices have recovered over $150 million for injury and accident victims. In 2014 he obtained a record setting $100 million verdict for a brain injured teen and in 2015 he negotiated a $950,000 settlement for a Florida accident victim.

For all the good that Dan has done for his clients, he isn’t just an attorney. His charity group, the Dan Newlin Miracle Project, helps brighten the lives of ill children who are fighting cancer. From working with the Easter Bunny Foundation to deliver stuffed bunnies to the kids to collaborating with Evander Holyfield to have a day filled with joy and smiles for some of the special children, Dan Newlin is nothing less than a humanitarian.

An attorney who makes an impact in the community is hard to come by but with Dan Newlin, you’ve found it. Consultations with the Law Offices of Dan Newlin & Associates are free so give him a call today at #Dan to see how he can help you with your injury, accident, or negligence case.

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