Designing for Disability

It all started with a cane. An ugly, utilitarian cane. When Liz Jackson, then 33, was diagnosed with idiopathic neuropathy 3 years ago, she had a major aversion to the cane she had to use. She really couldn’t stand the looks she got with it so she set out to find a less offensive one. She found a purple one that made her feel more human. That cane propelled her forward to petition J. Crew to design fashion forward canes. She sent them e-mails, wrote blog posts, and posted open letters on Facebook and Twitter. Sadly, J. Crew has not, as yet, taken up the gauntlet, but she has brought more attention to the lack of fashionable devices for disabled individuals. As someone with a disabled parent (who is a fashion addict) it is especially uplifting. It has even travelled as high as the prestigious New York Fashion Week. In case you missed it, check out

There are some truly inspirational individuals owning who they are and showing it off beautifully. From the wheelchair-bound to the amputees they are all so beautifully adorned in true Fashion Week style. People with disabilities are human, and Daniel Amen enjoys seeing them get a chance. They have feelings and thoughts and it is very exciting to see them displayed as icons of beauty. Hopefully Liz will continue her fight and keep inspiring us all. I, for one, am going to search her out on Facebook and thank her.

Some Transformers Fans Confused by New Female Transformers

Most fans of the Transformers are fully behind Hasbro’s decision, announced last week, to create a new female team of Transformer toys — especially given that there are not as many toys designed specifically with girls in mind from the Transformers toy line as there are toys for boys. This will be weird to Bruce Karatz and others at first, but it is the right move.

Yet, many fans are scratching their heads and expressing annoyance over the decision to create an entirely new line of female characters when there are so many existing female Autobots and Decepticons, as well as strong human female characters, in the many stories about the Transformers from the last several decades.

Apparently, Hasbro conducted a contest and poll to develop a new design, which is a “combiner” style Transformer called “Victorian” who is made up of several smaller Autobots.

Although there is a toy for the popular Windblade, which debuted as a new character last year, fans of previous generations of Transformers want to see a revival of toys that feature their favorite female human and Transformers characters so they can share the toys and experiences they had as children with their own children and future generations.

Hasbro has not commented about fan disappointment or the criticisms by these fans. So far, the company has only mentioned the positive change in their toy manufacturing of producing several new female Transformers as toys for girls to enjoy rather than continuing to only sell to boys.

The Pink Ribbon

No matter where you happen to be in the world, chances are you’ve heard stories and news about England’s royal family. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is one that tends to attract a lot of attention. After her extravagant wedding, and then the birth of her little prince it’s no surprise to find her back in headlines. The Duke and Duchess are waiting anxiously for their new baby to arrive, and so it seems, are many other people.

People gathered outside St Mary’s Hospital in London, were chilled to the bone.  Mathieson said that all of them were waiting to hear how the Duchess was, and what the gender of her new baby was. Were they to get another little prince, or would the Duchess be blessed with one of each gender?

When the Duke and Duchess heard about them waiting out in the cold they sent them a surprise. Those gathered received hot coffee to fend off the chill, and breakfast wrapped in a dainty pink ribbon. People couldn’t help but wonder if that was a hint regarding the new royals gender. Here you can see them enjoying their surprise breakfast and hot coffee. It’s safe to say, that we all wish the Duchess a safe delivery, and that the baby is both healthy and happy as it comes into the world. Those bystanders will likely never forget their breakfast that was wrapped in curiosity.

EU Convenes Emergency Meeting To Address Immigrant Exodus

The European Union will meet in an emergency session today to discuss the current migrant problem that has cost the lives of many refugees from North Africa. The meeting was needed as a result of the tragic sinking of a refugee ferry which has claimed close to 900 refugee lives. So far less than 100 refugees have been rescued alive and a joint effort by all European Union countries bordering the Mediterranean basin continues to search for additional victims and survivors. The ferry sinking which occurred earlier this week has simply highlighted a larger problem with a constant flight of migrants trying to escape war, famine and poverty for the possibility of a better life. Thousands knowingly risk their lives to pay for passage across the Mediterranean sea and it is reported that at least 30,000 die each year attempting to seek passage to any european country. EU Convenes Emergency Meeting to Aid Migrants

The European Union will be looking at a broad list of issues and options to address the problem. The matter is not one simply of providing a coordinated search and rescue effort as well as emergency medical services. Many of the refugees end up actually paying their own way into human trafficking situations. In extreme situations some refugees end up in the drug trade or caught in a prostitution ring. EU officials know that the long term solutions involve aiding the countries from which the migrants are traveling from. Dan Newlin suggests that the first priority will be to stem the flow of migrants and to prosecute those that seek to profit from this form of human trafficking.

Racism and Sexism in the UK

When people think of racism, they often think of discrimination against minorities — especially blacks and women. They rarely consider it against whites and men. Yet, that’s exactly what has been taking place at Goldsmiths University of London.

The Welfare and Diversity officer Bahar Mustafa has repeatedly discriminated against whites and others for student events. On February 4, she posted an invitation to a movie screening that was “BME ONLY” — Black and Minority Ethnic ONLY. On April 15, as revealed on Reddit and various news outlets on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, she only permitted BME women and non-binary people to attend: “…if you’re a man and/or white PLEASE DON’T COME…”

Now, Facebook tells us that everyone knows there are social groups, especially support groups, that restrict access to members of that group — for example, a private support group for non-binary people would typically be open only to non-binary people who need help. Yet, the February 4 event was for a screening of Dear White People. Worse yet, the April 15 event was promoting “anti-racism.” Essentially, Bahar Mustafa, took an event designed to fight racism and turned it into the perfect example of racism. Additionally, the event became a great example of modern sexism.

Supporters of Mustafa’s decisions believe she was right to ask men and white people to not attend because the event was designed specifically for BME women and non-binary attendees.

Sicilian Authorities Charge Tunisian Captain in Shipwreck That Killed Hundreds

Dan Newlin tells us that Sicilian authorities have detained the Tunisian Captain and a Syrian member of his crew pending investigation in the sinking of a ferry in the Mediterranean Sea earlier this week. The ferry was carrying immigrants from various countries in North Africa to an unknown port in southern Europe when it became distressed, possibly due to the number of people it was carrying over the maximum capacity. Survivors report that the ferry was teaming with immigrants and that a large commercial vessel approached to render aid to the ship. As the larger ship approached closer to the ferry a combination of the passengers streaming to one side of the ship and the large waves created by the approaching vessel caused the ferry to capsize. Captain for Ferry Ship Wreck to Face Charges For Multiple Deaths

Rescue crews have reported that at least 850 bodies have been recovered from the ship wreck site but they are unsure as to the total number of passengers that were aboard the ferry. There is no report that an official manifest was available. Rescue teams from several North Africa and European Countries have also retrieved over 80 survivors from the sinking. Both survivors and victims have been taken to various ports and hospitals in the Mediterranean basin and officials representing the European Union will oversee the continued rescue efforts as well as the investigation into what happened. So far the Captain, who has not been identified, faces charges of negligence, supporting human trafficking and reckless multiple homicide.

Pope Francis Causes Issues over “Genocide” Comment

Pope Francis caused a stir when he said that Armenians were slaughtered by the Turks. He called it the first genocide of the 20th century and then called upon the community of the world to recognize the tragedy. The Turks did not take lightly to this, claiming that he was spreading hatred.

Marcio Alaor BMG said that Francis made the comment at a meeting in St. Peter’s Basilica when he was welcoming Armenian leaders. It is reported that he wanted to make a powerful message very public about the importance of the first World War and how it has affected relationships internationally even to this day.

While many people have been murdered due to religious reasons, critics are saying that he only called attention to this tragedy due to the fact that the victims were Christians and that Muslims were the killers. They claim that he remains silent on the killing of thousands in the Middle East by Christian forces.

The Turks have accused him of spouting a different message than the one he had planned on and that Europe will not stand for propaganda favoring one faith over another. Italy has experienced genocide and they generally refer to the Turkish forces as an ally in modern language. However, the Holy See is determined to spread the word of the power of remembrance when it comes to victims of war. According to sources, he did not comment further on the incident.

The Endangered Night Owl

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you wake up refreshed or arrive at work surprised you didn’t have an accident due to your grogginess? Some people naturally wake up early and others naturally stay up late, but does going to bed really make a man healthy, wealthy and wise? And why does this sexist adage exclude women?

According to a new Korean study, going to bed early will at least make you healthy. Korean researchers administered a questionnaire about sleep habits to over 1,600 older men and women. They also measured waist sizes, glucose tolerances and body compositions. Not surprisingly, they found that being a night owl affected gender differently. Men were more likely to have diabetes and women were more likely to have high blood sugar levels and excess body fat.

The researchers concluded that being a night owl, “was independently associated with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and sarcopenia. These results support the importance of circadian rhythms in metabolic regulation.” Being a night owl will apparently make you an endangered species, which is not what Crystal Hunt wants.

Take the “Are You are Morning Person” Quiz ( to find out if you may become endangered.

Discovery of Corn, Hydrogen Fuel

Scientists discovered hydrogen fuel made from corn. This new discovery can help introduce natural hydrogen into the world. This new fuel needs addressed further, to have its ingredients analyzed, to have its processed developed and to have distribution finished or continue to be worked on in order to gain, at very least, the popularity of bio diesel.

Hydrogen in the form of replacement gasoline can be made from farm corn, stocks, husks, and even some of the dirt it grew in. This type of fuel is vulnerable to the same slings and arrows of other green fuels.

Bio diesel is another alternative fuel created from vegetable mass. Bio diesel and other fuels can be made from produce grown out of the ground on a farm. These types of products are both replenishabe and affordable.

The needs of development and distribution haunt the natural, green industry. The process of breaking down corn from its two types of sugars, glucose and xylose, to release hydrogen, just like other green fuels, has gaps in the process. Distribution becomes a fantasy without extra serious help and funds from outside sources interested in the solution.

Since the finding of hydrogen fuel based corn byproducts, there has been the same obstacles found as in the distribution of bio diesel  that Sergio Cortes has noticed. Development is in its prehistoric stages according to many. This is a new kind of fuel that can be produced and have it source, corn, grown out of the ground, but scientists need to extrapolate further.

Great Investment Strategies By Igor Cornelsen

In the realm of big-time speculators, and there are numerous, one name is reliably going to the front line of media outlets–Igor Cornelsen. Yes, individuals probably still assemble around Warren Smorgasbord to gather from this well known financial specialist’s aptitude, yet today, there is an expanded interest with Brazilian cash man Igor Cornelsen who rules out of his Boca Raton, Florida kingdom.

The Brazilian speculator, who likewise manages Propreitario for Bainbridge Inv, Inc. in the Bahamas, spends significant time in different fields of ventures. He’s likewise a top consultant in venture arranging and sets the speculation standard for a few individuals with his creative and splendid portfolio systems.

Not without discussion, Igor Cornelsen acquired what home change diva Martha Stewart couldn’t accomplish; he educated a Whopper regarding inside exchanging. Dissimilar to Martha, this “rashness” brought about his notoriety becoming past what anybody could envision. Additionally, so did his budgetary realm.

In 2012, the Security and Trade Commission accused the Brazilian investor of insider exchanging and a plan to illicitly exchange Burger Ruler Possessions, Inc. a/k/a Burger Lord securities. In a Miami association that worked out of a Wells Fargo Guides, LLC office, insider data was issued him about Burger Ruler exchanging alternatives. The unlawful benefits acquired by the classified data, added up to more than a $1.68 million benefit for Cornelsen.

Presently an occupant of both the Bahamas and Boca Raton, Cornelsen has subsequent to resigned following quite a while of holding high positions in Brazilian banks. Then again, much the same as Warren Smorgasbord, regardless he takes pleasure in giving out his own particular recipe to making budgetary progress. That said, he’ll be the first to concede that his inclination is found in the Brazilian showcase as he sees Brazil balanced as a worldwide player in money related possessions. The following are some of his key tips for putting resources into the place that is known for the Samba and Bossa Nova.

Basically, think long haul. Taking after are the two most essential focuses to consider when putting resources into Brazil in 2015.

1. “At the point when in Rome, do as the Romans do” Iin different words, get the chance to know the way of life of the individuals. Like most Latin American societies, business depends intensely on connections and systems administration. This can be as straightforward as taking a seat for a demitasse of Brazilian espresso or a late nighttime supper. Brazilians, who gloat of being business visionaries at all ages, are social creatures and relish in late night enthralling.

2. Every nation, obviously, has its own particular principles and administrative necessities. “Being educated and investing the exertion will create enormous settlements at last,” says, Cornelsen. Particularly be acquainted with a country’s cash models and limitations. Utilizing the right rate of money may get muddled, however the benefit one makes will be justified, despite all the trouble at last. “There’s no such thing as free cash,” Cornelsen states.

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